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Coated Pins


Armoloy is an extremely hard chromium electro-coating applied to metal to enhance hardness, wear, corrosion, and heat resistance. It also imparts a low coefficient of friction. Coating will not increase the pin size more than .0002 of an inch. Armoloy coating can also be applied to mold areas where better release, increased material flow, and reduce wear from abrasive (glass-filled, alkyds) resins are desired. Armoloy is a registered trademark of Armoloy of lllinois.


Armorclad is a deposition process, whereby chromium is electrodeposited onto a metallic or carbide substrate. Thickness can vary from 0.000020 inches to 0.0002 inches depending upon the application, having very little affect on size. It enhances metal hardness and is smooth, with excellent wear and corrosion resistance. It also resists sticking, material pick-up, galling, seizing, and erosion.


Titanium nitriding (TIN) is a physical vapor deposition process that has proven effective on most metallic surfaces, as well as carbide. Titanium nitride is an extremely hard surface that when applied, leaves a gold color, with a coating thickness of 0.0001 to 0.0002. It has very little affect on size and duplicates the surface finish it covers. (TIN) enhances tool life, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and reduces friction and maintenance.



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