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Edge Gates


Part Configuration
The edge gate shown here is the most common style of gate with many part configurations being used. The arrow shows the plastic flow from the runner, through the gate, and into the cavity. Half of the round runner and all of the gate is machined into the cavity side here. This type of gate can be easily removed from the part.

Resin Filler
The cross-sectional area of the edge gate is usually small and is a problem to some resin filled materials. This style gate is a problem with low viscosity, long fiber, or bead filled resins.

Edge Gate Cosmetics

Gate Cosmetics
Enlargement “A” shows a very small scar left after the gate has been removed. If aesthetics and design function allow, this gate can be torn away by hand. If not, the part gate surface can be improved by hand nipping, or placing the part and runner system into a trim fixture.



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