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Injection Molding Cycle

Injection Molding Cycle

Reciprocating Screw Injection Molding Machine

This drawing depicts a reciprocating screw injection molding machine. Plastic resin from the hopper enters the extruder screw and becomes fluid by the shear of the rotating screw and the heating bands. The screw advances forcing the plasticized material into a closed mold. The screw returns and the process is repeated.

Cross Sectional Mold Base View

Cross Sectional Mold Base View

This drawing shows the cross sectional view of a plastic injection mold base. The nozzle of the injection molding machine seats into the sprue bushing. Plastic flows in a sequence from the sprue to the part. Water lines cool the plastic material, the mold opens, and the part and runner system are ejected.

A Complete Runner System Example

A Complete Hot Runner System Example

This photograph shows a complete runner system of a plastic spoon, knife, and fork mold. Shown are the sprue, runners, gates, cold slug wells, as well as the molded parts.



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