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Injection Press Support Systems

In this section, the support units of an injection molding machine will be identified and discussed. These include the frame, the hydraulic system, the electrical system, and the cooling system. These are the support systems that help run an injection molding machine. By gaining an understanding of these basic concepts, the complete operation of the machine will be understood.

The injection press support systems of an injection molding machine are:

  • Frame
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical System
  • Cooling System

Each of these are discussed in more detail on the following pages.

Injection Molding Cycle Steel Frames

Steel Frame
Steel Frame

The steel frame on an injection molding machine allows other components to be attached to the machine. It also provides a base for these components to perform their functions.

Injection Molding Cycle Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system for an injection molding machine consists of a hydraulic pump and hydraulic lines that provide hydraulic oil to components of the machine. This hydraulic oil is necessary to provide movement and pressure for the press to open and close the moveable platen, build clamp tonnage, turn the screw, and inject material into the mold.

Injection Molding Cycle Electrical System

Electrical System
Electrical System

The electrical system for an injection molding machine consists of an electrical power cabinet and wiring that provide electricity to the injection molding machine. Electricity powers the electric motor, heats the barrel through heater bands, powers the control system, and provides safety through electrical switches.

Injection Molding Cycle Cooling System

Injection molding is a heat generating process. The cooling system provides a media (water, ethylene glycol, etc.) to the press to control the hydraulic oil temperature, cool the mold, and prevent bridging of the feed throat. Bridging occurs when the heat from the barrel melts the plastic at the base of the hopper and prevents material from entering the barrel.

The heat exchanger controls the temperature of the hydraulic oil between 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperature controller provides a consistent water temperature, pressure, and flow to the mold so the heat from the injected plastic can be removed. The feed throat is a water cooled connection between the hopper and the barrel. The function of the feed throat is to support the hopper, provide a passageway to the barrel and prevent bridging of the material.

Injection Press Support Systems Summary

The support systems of an injection molding machine and their functions were presented in this section. The systems presented were; the frame that provides a base to attach components to, the hydraulic system that provides hydraulic oil for the machine, the electrical system that provides electricity for the machine, and the cooling system that provides a cooling media for the machine.

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