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Slide Action

The slide action is another system used to mechanically pull cores out of a molded part that are not in line with normal ejection travel. The normal opening/closing travel of the press and mold is used to push or pull the core slides. Spring pressure can also be used to assist in pulling the core pin slides as the mold opens.

Slide Action – Application

Slide Action - Application
Slide Action – Application

This drawing shows a typical application of a slide action system. A hole or slot is required 90 degrees to the ejection travel. The normal open/closing of the press and mold is used to push or pull the core slide. A slide retainer is used to retain the core slide in its open or pulled position. There are a variety of different slide designs that are used by mold designers.

Slide Action – Actuation

Slide Action - Actuation
 Slide Action – Actuation

The mold shown here, when closed, has the slide core pin shut-off against the large part core and is locked in place by the heel block. After molding and cooling, the ejection mold half moves away from the fixed half. Because the cam pins are on an angle, they cause the slide to move away from the large core, thus pulling the core pin out of the molded hole. Continued mold opening pushes the slide back against the stop block and the dowel pin to latch into the slide retainer. The slide retainer prevents the slide from bouncing back off the stop block, as the cam pin leaves the slide during opening.



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