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The Number Of Parts To Produce

The number of parts a mold must produce has a large influence on mold design, cost, and the choice of steel materials. The mold designer must consider the following possibilities:

  • Increase the number of mold cavities.
  • Choose a better quality mold material with a harder, wear resistant surface.
  • Choose a better quality mold material with hardened inserts of different material.
  • Use a plating method such as chrome plating.

Mold life is a term used to define the number of acceptable piece parts produced from a single mold. Some of the material choices made by the mold designer to increase mold life include:

  • Short Run:
    Possible choices might be kirksite, aluminum and low carbon steel.
  • Medium Run:
    Possible choices would be P20, P21, and medium carbon steels.
  • Long Run:
    Possible choices would be chrome plated or nitrated P20, stainless steel, inserted tool steels of H13, D2, S7 or other air and oil hardening steel choices.



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