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A-Series Mold Description

A-Series Mold Stacks

Description: (2-plate) molds
Typically called an “open & shut” tool, there is just one parting line where the runner and part(s) are ejected. Cores and cavities are typically inserted into the A and B plates. This mold series is frequently used when multiple cavities are desired.

A heavier (thicker) clamp plate (allows for easier cooling line location and sprue bushing location). Clamp plate thickness is uniform regardless of tool size. Heavier ejection system (plates) avoids flexing and shifting.

  • (+) Most widely used mold
  • (+) Large gate required
  • (+) Simple design and construction
  • (+) Low maintenance (tool durability)
  • (-) Requires sprue/runner/gate (cycle time)
  • (-) Sometimes runner must be separated from parts
  • (-) Not well suited for automation

Normalized Cost:



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