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B-Series Mold Base Description

B-Series Mold Base Description

Description: (2-plate) molds
Typically called an “open & shut” tool, there is one parting line where the runner and part(s) are ejected. Cores and cavities are typically cut into the A and B plates. Frequently used when a single cavity is desired. Generally considered less expensive than A-series.

A single plate is used to satisfy both clamping and cavity core retention. Heavier A and B plates allow for easier cooling line and sprue bushing location.

  • (+) Lowest cost tool type
  • (+) Large gate required
  • (+) Simple design and construction
  • (+) Low maintenance (tool durability)
  • (-) Requires sprue/runner/gate (cycle time)
  • (-) Sometimes runner must be separated from parts
  • (-) Not well suited for automation
  • (-) Insert changes difficult

Normalized Cost:



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