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Mold Base T-Series Description

T-Series Mold Base

Description: (3-PIate) molds
A three plate mold has two parting lines, one which allows the runners to de-mold and the other to allow for part removal. As the mold opens, the runner parting line separates first allowing the gate to strip from the part. Then the second parting line separates and the part is free for ejection. This mold allows the gate to be located in an area (typically central) of the part removed from the parting line. Typically used to produce round, thin-walled parts.

Three plate tools have extended leader pins to assure mold alignment. In most instances there is no requirement for a sprue puller pin because the “runner” is designed to be retained on the A side. Stripper plates are typically used to remove the runner from the mold.

  • (+) Automatic Degating (automatic operation)
  • (+) Separates runner and part
  • (+) Allows central gating (uniform fill)
  • (-) Requires sprue/runner/gate
  • (-) Runner dictates cycle
  • (-) Higher wear (more maintenance required)

Normalized Cost:



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