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Shuttle Mold Descriptions

Shuttle Mold Descriptions

This mold system is designed with two B halves. While one half is occupied “molding” a part, an operator is unloading parts and loading inserts in the second half. Once loaded, the mold “shuttles” over and the molded part is exposed for part ejection. These molds are typically run on a vertical molding machine which allows the operator easy access to the mold. The operation of this mold is very similar to a B-series mold.

Two bottom (B) halves. Heavier plates (like B-series) allowing for easy location of coolant lines. Injection normally occurs at the parting line rather than at top of the mold through sprue bushing.

Available in 2, 3, or 4 plate versions:

  • 2 and 3 plate – similar to a B-series mold
  • 4 plate – similar to an A series mold
  • (+) Allows molded-in inserts (i.e., electric cord assemblies)
  • (+) Relatively low cost
  • (-) Higher wear than A series (more maintenance required)
  • (-) Runs on a specialized machine, normally requiring an operator

Normalized cost:



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