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Unit Die Mold Base Description

Unit Dies Mold Base

This mold is engineered to have a “frame”, which is permanently mounted in the machine, and an interchangeable “insert” unit, which includes the A and B plates and the ejector mechanism. The operation of the mold is similar to an A-series tool once the interchangeable insert unit is secured in the frame.

Similar to an A or B-series mold, plate thicknesses are standard. Typically used in short run (small volume) production environments due to the ease of “mold” change.

  • (+) Quick mold changes (improved production efficiencies)
  • (+) Versatile
  • (+) Easier maintenance (lower weight)
  • (+) Easier storage (less volume)
  • (+) Frequently used for short run production
  • (-) Expensive (Must buy frame and inserts)
  • (-) Runner typically dictates cycle time
  • (-) Two plate design only

Normalized Cost:
Frame= #4.5
Core & Cavity unit= #1.02



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