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Stack Molds

Multiple parting mold similar in concept to a three plate tool, except each parting line produces product. Cavities are “stacked” behind each other, thus requiring reduced clamping tonnage for more parts per machine. The mold is typically designed with a hot runner system that allows molten material to be delivered to all cavities at the same time.

Two or more of parting lines can be designed. Multiple parts can be made using one mold in a “small” machine.

  • (+) Lower clamp tonnage (more parts)
  • (+) Double (or triples) machines’ production capacity
  • (+) Typically for high volume production runs
  • (+) Typically designed for automation
  • (+) Gate location flexible
  • (-) Requires increased shot capacity
  • (-) Typically requires hot runner
  • (-) Very rigid guide pins to assure location of floating plates
  • (-) Higher maintenance costs
  • (-) Complex mold designs (requires complicated mold action)

Normalized Cost:



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