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Fan Gates


Part Configuration
The arrows on the drawing here represent the plastic flow from the sprue, runner, fan gate, and into the part cavity. For large or thick part sections the fan gate provides a smooth transition from the runner to the cavity. The fan gate can also be used to spread out the flow pattern on thin material to help minimize the possibility of flow lines.

Resin Filler
Almost any resin/filler may be used with this style gate because of the large cross-sectional area opening to the part. There is also a smooth transition of flow from the runner to the cavity. There should be no problem with viscosity, or most filled resins.

Fan Gate Cosmetics

Gate Cosmetics
Enlargement “A” shows a large scar left from the fan gate that has been removed. The gate is best removed by using a trim fixture, especially on a thick section part. Since it is a rather large scar, it is advisable to locate the gate at a non-cosmetic/non-functional area, if possible.                           



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