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Mold Base Steels


Listed below is more information about the mold base steel numbers shown here.

DME #1 Steel
This is a medium carbon, (SAE 1030) silicone killed, forging quality steel with approximately 25% greater tensile strength than typical low-carbon steels. It machines easily, but is not “sticky”, permitting a faster and smoother cut.

DME #2 Steel
This is an AISI 4030 steel. It is supplied pre-heat treated to 269-321 Bhn (28-34 Rc). A high strength steel, it is ideal for cavity and core retainer plates, clamping plates, and support plates in molds and dies.

DME #3 Steel
This is a P-20 AISI 4130 (modified) type cavity steel. Exceptionally clean, it is pre-heat treated to 277-331 Bhn (29-36 Rc). It provides high hardness, good machinability, and exceptional polishability for plastic molds.

DME #7 Steel
This is an AISI 420-F (modified) type holder block stainless steel. It is supplied pre-heat treated to 305-342 Bhn (33-37 Rc). It offers high machinability and corrosion resistance. It is used for humid environments, corrosive plastics, “clean room” or “100 stainless” applications. It is an ideal steel choice for all structural (non-cavity/core) elements in molds and dies.

AISI 4140 Steel
AISI 4140 steel is available in a pre-hardened condition at 30-36 RC. It is a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. It has good wear resistance and good toughness and comes decarb free.



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